Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Priority First!

We are given the time of our life here on earth for a purpose, and the time that we had here is gracefully given by God. Therefore, it is important to manage our time appropriately so that the time that we had won't go to waste.
Last week's sermon served as a reminder for me to really utilize my time fully. He (Tony, from US) mentioned FIVE keys in managing our time:

1. Set priorities (do what's important first)
2. Build relationships with God and others (meaningful relationships that will last)
3. Planning (to avoid last minutes and dissapoinments)
4. Clear the clutter
-schedule clutter
- emotional clutter
5. Be flexible (be prepared to make any changes)

Life's a brief candle, cherish it, use it to it's fullest while you can :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

REVIVED!! and now for AUGUST's sake!

Lo and behold, it has been almost ONE year since I last posted anything new here, and breaking my promises to update frequently. Well, here I am again, starting this meaningless post I guess. I had a lot of inspirations and thoughts that has caused me to 'revive' this blog once more. There are so many things going on in my head: study, classes, cleaning my room, watch movies, ideas, my family, etc. that I do not know where to start. However, I'm glad that I'm taking Creative Writing subject that has inspired me to write in a freestyle, which means, writing whatever that comes to my mind and from there I could expand more ideas from it. The lecturer for this subject really nailed it. Though there are only 7 of us, I guess it gives us the opportunities to speak and express more ideas and that the class is not too noisy or quiet.

Reminiscing the month of August..


It's already the month of August (so fast!) and I must say that August is quite a significant month for me. It started since August 2008 on the 15th where I started my internship as a reporter in The Star northern hub. For goodness sake, it's a Friday! And usually people starts work on Monday, right? I remembered the editor at that time requested that I work on the next day as well, which is a Saturday! To her thinking, she thought that it's ridiculous to start work on Friday, take off on Saturday and Sunday and then only come back to work again on Monday. After much discussion, eventually I got my weekends off since I was just an intern.

Another significant day on that month and year is on the 30th Aug 2010 (a saturday). My boyfriend had planned on a camping trip at Pantai Kerachut with some church members and his Boys Brigade students and he invited me to come along with him. And guess what. Before I knew of his plan, I voluntarily offered myself to work on that day (in replacement for a holiday on Monday) just because it seemed to be a significant day for Malaysia, and I thought it would be celebrated in a big scale. But I was wrong. It's just Penang. Probably if I was in KL, then I would probably witness a whole lot of events. I ended up attending to some mundane dinner at a hotel in batu ferringhi accompanied by local traditional music and singing performance. What a tragic. But the good side of it is that I get to eat the hotel food for free! and the cuisine is Malay cuisine with varieties of rice, curries, and meat. Unfortunately, before I attended this event, I was unaware of it and I drove myself to the nearest hawker food centre and fed myself with some disgusting, tasteless claypot noodle that is not worth it's price at all!. When I arrived at the hotel's event, I was quite full to indulge into the hotel cooked food. :(
Then I was sent to check on Gurney Drive to see if there was any celebration. I arrived there and parked my car at quite a distance. Nothing interesting. Nothing newsworthy. And it's boring. The only interesting part is where some motorcycles and cars were decorated with Jalur Gemilang (Malaysian flag). That's it. Nothing more.
What's worse is that I couldn't call him because of the bad reception from Pantai Kerachut. He tried to call from the pier, but to no avail. And he was quite worried about my safety, alone in the dark.
I remembered another occasion where I had to be at a hotel to attend some event..I think it's Tanjung Bungah Hotel and it was held at the beach side with dining tables. It was quite a relaxing and a vacation kind of scene, but I was there as an intern reporter..can't really enjoy much with the thought of working motives. Sigh. Had to listen to some speech, but there's nothing newsworthy either.

The next day when he came back from Pantai Kerachut, he showed me a breathtaking picture of a sunset he witnessed from there in the evening. I regretted for having myself working on that Saturday. I could have experience camping beside a beach and watch the sunset together. He even told me that during the night, he could see thousands of stars in the sky as that area is a reserved forest and there's barely any light pollution. Dang. I missed watching all these nature stuff that a city's life couldn't offer. :(

However, before my internship started back then, I was glad to be able to explore and hike in Pantai Kerachut, Monkey Beach, and Muka Head (Lighthouse) on the first week of August 2008. If you have a facebook account, just sign in and click these links:

My first time to Kerachut
First time to Monkey Beach
To the Lighthouse! I
To the Lighthouse! II


Last year's August was as significant to me. At the beginning of August 2009, I started my part time job at Kumon. At first, my job was just marking the student's homework, and now, I'm also teaching for English subject. For maths I'll just leave it to Iryna and the rest :p I was first trained by Karen, who was also marking for English homeworks at that time, who worked a couple of months earlier than me. I've got to know Alice who is a great boss and the other teachers like Adrian Charles, Geetha, Chris, Ashley, Amanda, Azreen, Jia Yi and Grace who had left, and now currently working are Ai Ping, Yin Tung, Hui Ming (new), Laxmi and Hui Tying.

Kumon Pictures

Exactly one year since my internship with the Star, 16th August 2009 (Sunday) is a memorable date. It's the day of my graduation day (for diploma). My parents, elder sister and bf came to celebrate it with me at Trader's Hotel. Lot's of pictures taken. I received real and fresh flowers from my parents and fake flowers (paper folded) and card from bf and his family. Click on the link to see the pictures from facebook.

Graduation 2009


GUESS WHAT? I've been juggling my college classes and my part time job for a year now. In a way it's my one year anniversary working in Kumon. Yay. Quite sadden by the fact that Grace recently left Kumon to further her studies next month. While we were working together, she shared a lot of stories to me and keep me in company when it's boring marking those homeworks. During my two months break from college (end apr to early july), I spend most of my time with her. We shared thoughts and feelings about the kids we taught. She's my helper in handling really difficult kids that I couldn't handle. She really did a great job teaching and marking those homeworks fast speed. Even faster than me. She could speak mandarin and is able to help those mandarin speaking students to understand their english classwork. But I don't even have the mandarin vocabulary or even the right mandarin pronunciation to help these students. The best I could help is to explain those difficult words in english. On the other hand, she tries to understand the students' capabilities and behaviours to help them, and she's very observant. She always smiles, being cheerful, friendly and helpful. Quite a chatter at times. An avid gym goer and jogger. Guess I'm gonna miss her.

Another person I'm missing now is my bf. Going off for one week for company's training. Miss him lots. This is another item to start off my August month this year. He called me just now and that he's at some mall and bought me a white top! How nice.

I think this is my longest post ever in this entire blog for the past three years. I hope to write more soon, to improve my writing style and not to be bogged down thinking that nobody's reading my blog (i once thought that since nobody's reading my blog, then why blog?). But I think the fact is that people do visit my blog, but they don't leave comments, so I thought people are not interested in reading my blog.
So anyway, I think this post took me almost two hours to compose and edit. I wonder how many words I had written.
Another thing about me is that I actually enjoy reading other people's blog as they share their viewpoints in life. Maybe that explains why I didn't blog because I was too busy minding other people's business than myself.
(Sorry for all the jumbled up notes at the last paragraph. As I said, too many things in my mind that I'm pouring it out at the end.)

Till next time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Nothing Much

Hey all! Thanks for sticking with me with my dead blog...but now it's revived! tee hee~
Well, reason being, not that I love to tell the whole world about my daily life agenda, but I just love to read and follow other blogs, especially those that I know, so I also hope that they'll in turn read my once-dead blog. I had been busy these days juggling my time with assignments, part time job, family, church, etc. I don't even have time to do the things I love: playing music on the piano and guitar, hiking and tidy up my room till squeeky clean. Anyhow, I do wish I could express myself here, but of course, with the censorship of sensitive issues as I don't want to offend anyone. One thing I did during my busy schedule..I manage to try different food from different places, ranging from mamak food, chinese hawker food, varieties of western food and the like with Mr D. That explains the baby fats that is slowly accumulating :p That's why I need to get back to my hiking and exercise lifestyle :(

Friday, September 4, 2009


In the midst of my busy schedule, somehow or another, blogging is a way of expressing myself and stress reliever. If it had not been the support of Dennis I don't think I could easily cope right now. Two more weeks to go till all my assignments due, not much of time left. At the mean time, I'm also working part time that take up 11 hours every week, not including the duration of getting there and coming back home. That's the life of a student. Time management is the utmost important. I'm still learning how to prioritize my tasks each day as I tend to do the least important things first like cleaning my room, folding my clothes etc. unnecessarily. Then I would take a long break before getting back to my studies. However, I couldn't find much time to even play the piano. I really missed those times where I drill myself to practice daily for my piano practical exam. Now, for more than a year since I finished my Grade 7 exam, and I think it would be hard to get back to that stream and continue my Grade 8 syllabus, although I already have it.

I also missed those time when I have time for hiking. I would hike Bukit Jambul hill, Kerachut, Muka Head, Bukit Hijau, and Youth Park. During those times, I would often hike with Dennis and my godmother. Now those times were only framed in the form of pictures and I could only reminisce. :(

Those hiking days..

It has been more than a year since I joined The Star for my 3 months internship (Aug 15, 08 - Nov 15, 08). I'm still thinking what I want to work as in the future after my degree. Need insights.

Alright, I think I have to stop abruptly here. Gotta finish my assignments. Gambateh!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hi all
I haven't been posting new posts for ages
Will be back soon
So busy with studies
and most of the time I don't know what to blog about
So I guess that explains most of it

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Brand New Car!

After work, dad came to pick me up right away. Today, two new gadgets walk into my family. One, a Mini Mac Pro, second, a new Proton Saga.

This is my dad

But first, have to jump start the old car cuz no battery. The Avanza charged the old car, connected with two wayers. Helped by my dad's friend.

The old toyota corolla

My mum

I was the one being a driver the whole journey. Drove the old white car to the car dealer near Gurney Plaza, and off we go with

Welcoming our new Proton Saga.

I asked my dad why grey colour, he said it's between ruth and him compromising on their colour preference. Ruth prefer black while my dad prefer lighter colour. So grey it is, the colour in between the two colour choices.

I've been the honor to be the first person to drive it after purchase. =)

The dashboard is a bit different. The indicator is on the left instead of on the right and the wiper on the right side. I kept on pulling down the wiper as I'm used to the old way.

At a traffic light junction in macallum street, we spotted this cute little beetle car.

Wah that time so hungry, didn't eat anything. It was around 8 something already. Then we fetch my brother and went makan at Giant's Pelita nasi kandar.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's Transformers Craz!!!!

Whow..Been trying to log on to for the past two days, both times also indicate that there are high traffic that the page couldn't be loaded..I've never encounter this kind of situation before in my whole life in the world of internet..This transformers 2 movie must be very HOT than any other hot movies.

Because it's Transformers fever, here I want to share all the transformers picture I capture originally by my camera/camera phone.

The following pictures were bought by both of us last March. Each of us bought two shirts, one is the good one and the other the bad one. I must admit that I'm still not very good with the transformers names yet, except for Bumble Bee (the obvious yellow), Optimus Prime (the good guy) and decepticons (the bad one). These shirts were bought from BJ Complex.

Next, are pictures taken from Queensbay Mall's LG road show. They just had this very huge board of these transformers, but they are promoting LG flat screens about a month ago.

Optimus Prime


Bumble Bee!!!!!!!! I heard that majority of transformers fans love this character more.

Just hoping to get two places at the cinema's for my darling and one for me =)